Transforming your wellbeing just through what you’re wearing.

We’re all guilty of it. Squeezing into that tiny pair of jeans just so that you can attempt to feel worthy of your own body. Then allowing the waistband to be digging into you all day. We then can’t wait to get home and just ‘pop’ that button.

But imagine if I told you that you could be living your everyday life in comfortable clothing that isn’t athletic wear? This is where Daines Atelier will change your mindset on clothing.

Transforming a traditional skill and bringing it into the modern day.

Being educated at UCA in a course specific to learning creative pattern techniques, gave me the skills to be able to create garments focused on their functionality rather than just aesthetic.

Delving further into the use of extra material, pleating and even ties or elastic. Can further the comfort ability of an item of clothing.

For example – an elasticated waistband can sometimes we viewed as ‘cheap’ because without a fastening or pockets, the garment belittles function apart from being pleasing to the eye. By combining the elasticated waistband with the traditional qualities of a trouser it elevates a garment to being something you are more

likely to keep or view as a high quality item.

But here’s something, wearing comfortable clothing makes you an overachiever.

According to Fashion Psychology:

One study revealed that comfortable clothing can enhance cognitive performance. Psychologists Bell, Cardello and Schutz investigated the relationship between clothing comfort and exam performance in students. The results revealed that students who wore more formal clothing had a lower comfort level and ultimately, a lower test score. Think about an outfit you love that’s completely uncomfortable. Although it might make you feel amazing and powerful, the physical discomfort is a distractor causing a cognitive overload that prevents you from giving your all to any task at hand. The extra cognitive boost you get from comfort dressing could be the missing key to that commendation or even that promotion.”

I just love the idea that you wearing the most comfortable outfit in your wardrobe can make you achieve better in your own work place. Long are the days of struggling to feel comfortable day-to-day at the office.

Psychology has always had a big part to play when it comes to how you feel about yourself. But lucky you, Daines Atelier are here to help.

High-Waisted Trousers can be comfortable!

The waistband of a high-waisted Trouser can usually dig into all of the wrong places, making it impossible to eat or sit down. We thought we had got rid of the corset days- but now we restrict ourselves in new ways.

The mimosa trousers are a prime example of how high-waisted can become comfortable once again.

The pink mimosa trousers high waisted unisex design made to fit the larger and small size of each measurement. Dead stock satin from Aorthreads made to order in Frome, Somerset. Photographer Maisie Lee Walker in Bath
The Mimosa Trousers

The waistband features elastic at the back which allows for skeletal movements and extra space should their be any abdominal discomfort or swelling. Additionally, the trousers are made from a satin crepe which is of a medium weight and allows for breathing around the body.

Personally, I’ve worn these trousers to many of the markets which I’ve attended post lock down and been amazed as to how much my body can finally breathe! Movement with ease and no dreaded waiting to get home to undo a button.

But it isn’t just the trousers…

Our Batwing jumpers are also cleverly designed to allow for comfort. The main focus area here was fitting for shoulder width and bust. The main problem area for a vast number of women.

The Batwing jumper is connected at the sleeves into one piece and features an extended armhole. This means that there’s so much more room for the bust to sit and no direct point for the shoulder to end. It’s a win, win in comfort.

They’re actually one of our most renowned products, forever selling out, it is very difficult to sometimes get hold of a batwing jumper from us. They are made typically from remnant or vintage materials that makes every single one, one-of-a-kind.

Batwing Jumper

One of my favourite things when it comes to making a batwing jumper is how you can choose one material and then combine it to another. Creating these unique panelling and textures within the garment.

It’s so important to give yourself some self-care.

Looking after yourself can be done in so many different ways. But sometimes we forget that the clothing we wear can also be a mistreatment to ourselves.

Taking the time out (and perhaps wearing some Body-Positivity Panties) could be a great solution. I am constantly taking myself to burn out forgetting to take a step back and to look at myself.

The body-positivity panties were born with a hatred for my body and coming out of lockdown. I wanted to remind myself that no matter how you look, you’re you, and that’s incredible.

Designed to be a larger brief and to be made from 100% cotton, there’s nothing better than just allowing your body to breathe, and perhaps eat some pizza while sitting just in your panties!

Its amazing the response that we’ve had towards people wearing the panties including the empowerment they feel and the amount of respect that have towards looking after their own bodies.

Let your clothing reflect who you are.

Red and white batwing jumper made from upcycled furnishing materials. Zero waste designer.

If we look into how colours affect our mood, it is pretty clear that wearing something black will lower your mood considerably more than if you was to wear something yellow. Colours are something which I really gravitate towards when it comes to picking out materials which I want to work with.

A lot of the colours I gravitate towards tend to be earthy-toned. But then every so often I will spy a more vibrant shade which will make it’s way into the mix. When combined with these mutual tones it brings a sense of calm, yet joy into what I am making.

“The colour of our clothing serves as a signal to others; it tells them who we are”- The Good Trade

There’s a certain emotion that comes depending on what colours of clothing you’re wearing. I personally love this cheat sheet by the good trade with connects the emotions to the colour.

Anger, love, passion, and power

Enthusiasm, attention, happiness, and energy

Brightness, energy, warmth, and attention

Luck, envy, nature, and safety

Sadness, stability, productivity, and calmness

Wealth, royalty, mystery, and imagination

Romance, kindness, calmness, and nurturing

Nature, isolation, security, and strength

Mystery, boldness, power, and unhappiness

Peacefulness, cleanliness, innocence, and emptiness

It’s interesting to reflect on the days where I am feeling a certain way and the types of colours I was likely to be wearing. It is also interesting to know that subconsciously we’re reflecting our energies onto our peers just through the clothing that we wear.

Remember, you’re never alone.

So many people suffer daily for the discomfort of their own clothing and the impact it has on their own bodies. Give us a follow on Instagram for regular pep talks on your own well being (plus to marvel at gorgeous clothing.) we ensure that our account is kept positive!

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